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Life’s short enough, right? So how about some help to make the most of all the wonderful things it has to offer?

We’ve created friends with many brands and business owners in different parts of the World to find all the best ideas out there. The ones that make life richer, smarter, cooler, tastier, healthier, happier or just easier.

Life’s about sharing, too, so we’d love to hear about any great ideas you’ve spotted.

So let’s go places, live a fuller life, and rekindle our sense of discovery.

Our mission

This is a part of our bigger mission to embrace the true power of YOU when it comes to influencing brands.

So going forward we're going to create 100 initiatives around cool products, brands and experiences that have a positive effect on the world around you, where you feel you've had a part to play.

So join us and our growing number of 100ideas friends to build a platform creating meaningful experiences people love.