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Based on the mantra smart thinking, cool living 100 ideas scours the webisphere to find all the best ideas out there.

100ideas.co.uk searches for the ideas that make life richer, smarter, cooler, tastier, healthier, happier or just easier. Stripping back the brand fluff, dialing down the noise and looking beyond the hype 100 Ideas offers written profiles highlighting all the important stuff you need to know.

100ideas.co.uk is a initiative created and lead by 375 in collaboration with The Digital Production Company. It was borne out of the desire to build a platform that would turn positive intentions into actions by awakening a sense of discovery.

375 and The Digital Production Company developed the concept, the brand, built the content platform and are now continuing to grow the 100 Ideas community.

Earlier this year we developed, designed and launched our first event – 100 Ideas Office. Dedicated to showcasing smart and cool ideas for the Office, the event exhibited some of the best ideas for helping to make the office a healthier, easier and better place to work. The launch event was hosted in OpenSpace, with a guest talk from designer and TV presenter Oliver Heath. We welcomed employers and employees the South west to explore the ideas that could improve life both in and out of the office.