Scott 100 Letters

How can a single letter written 100 years ago,
from a husband to his wife, inspire the modern world?


"We created an initiative that touched the hearts of millions on national TV. David Attenborough and Kate Humble were just a few of many celebrities who got involved with ‘inspiring generations’."

8 million viewers and a host of celebrities joined us on an Antartic adventure raising over £1million for 60,000 disadvantaged kids to get out into nature, following in the the footsteps of Britain’s most famous explorer, ‘Scott of the Antartic’.

We believe people should get out more and explore the world. It’s a sad fact that too many children are disconnected from the natural world, some never even getting further than the streets where they live. 

So we chose 100 letters, written by people in the UK to inspire someone to go explore. Then, we took them to the Antarctic where they were postmarked and sent to their recipient, all the way around the world, to inspire them. Simple really. Take a look at the film and watch Kate Humble posting the letters in Antarctica.


The social engagement meant that anyone could be a part of the conversations and #Scott100 was being used across the country by people of all ages generating brand content and WWT awareness.

375 also created an integrated educational campaign to inspire, educate and engage children, leaving another legacy to kick-start the interest of the next generation in natural history.


Fresh awards 2014 - Gold winner

Fresh awards 2014 - Overall Grand Prix winner

Engage Awards 2014 (Marketing week) - Shortlisted


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